iOS App of the Day: Stunt Guy 2.0

iOS App of the Day: Stunt Guy 2.0

When you watch a great film you can really tell that some scenes were dangerous to film. Imagine just how crazy it was to film the car chase in Captain America: The Winter Solider. It’s always a safe as possible though thanks to stunt men: actors who are trained do all kind of dangerous jumps and crashes without hurting themselves (too badly!). Now you can be a stunt man too in Stunt Guy 2.0, a great new app on the App Store.

Stunt Guy 2.0 panel

In Stunt Guy 2.0 you’ll have to do what the film director says and pull off all the best stunts without messing up or getting yourself hurt. You’ll be driving cars all around the place, dodging from massive explosions, and pushing other drivers off the road! As you do more stunts you’ll earn more money, and you can use that money to buy even better, stronger, faster cars. Remember to pick up the power-ups on the road too, because they

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can make your car even more awesome, such as making it big enough to crush other cars, or small enough to weave in and out of traffic without getting caught!

You can grab Stunt Guy 2.0 for free from the App Store. Don’t fancy it? There’s a massive selection of other apps we’ve written about over at our Best Apps channel. Perhaps you’ll find something there!


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