iOS App of the Day: Star Wars Commander

iOS App of the Day: Star Wars Commander

With Episode VII in development everyone’s going a bit Star Wars crazy at the moment. Even the App Store is, and today you can play the brand new game Star Wars: Commander for free! It’s a cool RTS game full of tense and exciting battles, and you can play as either the heroic Rebel Alliance or the evil Empire!

Choosing a side is really important, as different sides get to use different technology. As the Empire you’ll be able to command huge squads of the amazing and powerful AT-AT walkers, but if you play as the Rebels you can call on brilliant heroes like Han Solo and Princess Leia! Which do you think will be most important to win the war? And alongside troops and machines, you’ll also need to build a base and defend it from attack, as well as visit new planets to defeat your enemies on. Star Wars: Commander is all about making the right decisions, so choose wisely commander!

Star Wars commander

You can start your army right now by downloading Star Wars Commander from the App Store. If you’re not ready to command an army just yet, you can grab plenty of other great games from our Best Apps channel.


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