iOS App of the Day: Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed

iOS App of the Day: Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed

Sonic’s got speed, but you’ve never seen speed like this! He’s giving his legs a rest for a little while as he jumps in a car and races the rest of the Sonic gang on a bunch of crazy tracks.

To quickly get an idea of what Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed is like, just think of Mario Kart with Sega characters. Sonic and 9 of his friends are available as racers to play as, driving through tracks that change as the race goes on. Over land, sea, and air, you’ll have to push your kart to the limits to make sure you come first place!

Sonic All Stars Racing 03

There’s a World Tour competition to play through, as well as daily and weekly challenges to put your skills to the test in. And if that’s not enough for you, you could always challenge your mates to a race in the four-player online multiplayer.

Sonic All Stars Racing 02

To get on with the race, just download Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed from the App Store. Not up for the best racer around? Why not try something else from our best app recommendations?


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