iOS App of the Day: Shattered Planet

iOS App of the Day: Shattered Planet

Are you ready to go to the planet surface, captain? The mission’s dangerous, and monsters lurk behind every corner, but we need to complete it. For science. So if you’re ready Captain, just get started with Shattered Planet: a really cool app about space, exploration, and survival!

Shattered Planet is an RPG where you and your crew must explore strange planets and document what you find to help out the science division. Every monster you discover will add more and more information to your data log, and the more your explore the deeper into the planet you’ll go. When you land on the surface, you need to find a teleporter to transport you to the next level. But along the way you’ll find enemies trying to stop you, and a sticky black goo that hurts you and makes monsters even stronger! With such hostile elements, you’re probably going to die. But that’s not a problem in Shattered Planet…

When you die, a machine will clone you are produce a brand-new captain to carry on the mission. But when you return to the planet thinks won’t be how you remembered them. Everytime you die, the planet will change, meaning the possibilities for exploring never end! And you’ll need to explore, since precious gems are out there which you can use to make new weapons and armour.

Shattered Planet 01

If you think you’re up to the challenge of exploring Shattered Planet, you can download it for free from the App Store. Not ready to take the plunge? Why not try something else from our Best Apps channel?


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