iOS App of the Day: Shattered Planet

iOS App of the Day: Shattered Planet

Ever wanted to explore distant planets? Well now you can with app Shattered Planet. Explore mysterious and dangerous alien worlds, and befriend and battle creatures with a touch of your finger in this Role-Playing Sci-Fi adventure game by Execution Labs.

In this game you play as a man, woman, or robot space explorer who works for the Galactic Union. Your task is simple: you must research alien life forms for science by exploring far-away galaxies. However, something is up, as there is a strange signal calling to you past the heaps of space monsters. You must do anything to survive on your adventures as when you die you appear back at the space station home base, and must start over with all of your items gone for good!


On your journeys to strange worlds, planets and islands you will find dozens of alien life forms, from cute little crabs to ginormous fearsome dragons, which you must fight, befriend, or catch to survive. You engage in battle with these creatures by easily tapping on the screen to defeat them. What’s awesome is that if you befriend alien lifeforms they can join you on your journey, even battling beside you. Some items even allow creatures that were against you before to become your best allies!


Each world in this game is randomised which means that they are different each time with an infinite amount of gameplay possibilities for you to explore and hours upon hours of fun! You must collect crystals on your travels which can be used to update your stats and craft items such as helmets and shields. There are also more than 100 items for you to collect, but remember to try not to die or they will all be lost again!


Think you are ready for the space adventure of a lifetime? Then get into your space craft and shuttle on over to the app store now to download this cool game for free

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on iPad or iPhone.


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