iOS App of the Day: Rival Knights

iOS App of the Day: Rival Knights

The Medieval period was full of battles between knights in shining armour. These jousting matches were both dangerous and exciting, and the victor would be seen as a real hero. Now you can try and be the best jouster in the realm with Rival Knights, a really cool battle app.

In Rival Knights you strap on your armour and climb aboard your horse to fight an enemy knight. You’ll have to charge down the field, tapping to keep your horse galloping, and then guide your lance towards the enemy knight. If you hit, you’ll knock him off his horse and ride to glory! If you miss though, you’ll be thrown to the floor and lose!

Rival Knights

It’s a really simple, short game, but so fun you’ll play it over and over. You can grab it for free from the App Store. Prefer something

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