iOS App of the Day: Red Bull Air Race

iOS App of the Day: Red Bull Air Race

Racing on a track is pretty exciting, but kick things up a notch and make things super exciting by taking to the skies. Red Bull Air Race brings all the thrills of high-speed plane races to your phone or tablet!

Red Bull have been holding air races for years now, and they combine amazing skill with breakneck speed to make the most intense motorsport on the planet. Planes loop and spin through the routes, and this is what you’ll be doing in this game. Over 200 races you’ll go from rookie to pro flier as you race against Red Bull’s best pilots in countries across the world. You’ll be flying real planes too, which you can customise and improve over your flying career.

Tilt controls lets you feel part of the action, as banking from side to side will make your plane turn and dive. If you prefer though you can use button taps instead.

You can take to the skies right now by downloading Red Bull Air Race from the App Store. If you’d rather keep your feet on the ground you can grab a different game from our Best Apps channel.


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