iOS App of the Day: Race Team Manager

iOS App of the Day: Race Team Manager

There are loads of great racing games on the App Store, but most of them are the same kind of game. They all ask you to drive really fast and get to the finish line first. Race Team Manager is different. In this game, you don’t drive the car (you’ve got a driver for that!). Instead, you make the decisions for your driver and hope he can pull them off and come in with the best results!

Basically, Race Team Manager is like what Football Manager is to FIFA. It’s all about decisions and choices instead of keeping the pedal to the metal. There is some driving involved with some cool tilt controls, but it’s done from an over-the-top view instead of behind. You can overtake with a few flicks of your finger, or block someone from overtaking you. And when there’s a crash, you’ll have to draw a line and guide your car to safety, avoiding obstacles on the way.

When your car pit stops, you’ll have to help out, like tapping on the nuts on your wheels to unlock them and help tyre changes.

Race Team Manager 02

To get stuck into the races, download Race Team Manager from the App Store. If you’d rather be directly behind the wheel, there are loads of great racing games (and all kind of other games) over at our Best Apps channel.


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