iOS App of the Day: Puzzle Dozer

iOS App of the Day: Puzzle Dozer

Exercise your mind, and drive a digger at the same time! Puzzle Dozer is a charming little puzzle game on the App Store that challenges you to solve its conundrums before fuel runs out.

puzzle dozer 01

Each area in Puzzle Dozer has a collection of wooden boxes that must be placed in the right zone. You must drive your dozer around and move the boxes to the right places. But your dozer only has so much fuel, and if you run out it’s game over!

puzzle dozer 03

There’s other things to watch out for too, like getting caught in the waves in watery levels, or things floating away when there’s no gravity in outer-space areas. You need to think things through to come to the right solution.

Puzzle Dozer can be downloaded for free from the App Store. Not into puzzles? Find something you are into at the Best Apps channel.


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