iOS App of the Day: NASA App

iOS App of the Day: NASA App

Welcome to BoxMash’s iOS App of the Day! Every day we will be bringing you new and cool games from the Apple App Store that we think you should play. Best of all, every game we recommend will be free to download. Today we’re looking at the NASA App!

NASA app

We’ve looked at lots of games on our App of the Day posts, but we’re doing something a little different today. The NASA app is like an interactive book all about space. Space is incredible; it’s full of all sorts of amazing things like stars, asteroids, other planets, and perhaps even aliens! NASA is one of the biggest agencies involved in space exploration, and they go into space using space shuttles or robotic satellites and probes to discover things we can’t see from earth. This app is full of amazing information on what NASA does and what kind of things it’s discovered whilst exploring space. It will even tell you when you can see stars and satellites from your own back garden in a handy star spotter’s calendar!

To download the NASA app, just head over to the App Store on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch and grab it for free. And if you’re really interested in space, why not look at this amazing video of a space shuttle taking off on a mission!


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