iOS App of the Day: Mother of Myth

iOS App of the Day: Mother of Myth

How would you like to have the power of the gods, like Percy Jackson and his friends, or heroes like Hercules? Well you can in Mother of Myth, a cool RPG where you gain the power of Roman and Greek gods and fight back the Titans.

In Mother of Myth, you are the chosen hero in a war between gods and titans. You gain awesome,

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indestructible armour in the form of cards, which you can use in battle to keep you protected from the monstrous titans.

Mother Myth 01

In battle you can swipe you finger across the screen to slash with your sword, making the combat feel really cool; just as if you were there in the battle yourself! There’s lots of swipe techniques to master, and as your character levels up you can unlock even more powerful skills and forge more powerful weapons.

Mother Myth 02

To jump into Mother of Myth for free, just download it from the App Store. If fighting evil monsters isn’t what you’re looking for, our collection of Best iOS App stories may inspire you with something else.


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