iOS App of the Day: Monument Valley

iOS App of the Day: Monument Valley

Had enough of crashing cars in racing games or hitting monsters in adventures? Monument Valley is a wonderfully interesting game that’s completely different to anything you’ve played before. It’s all about exploring, but the world doesn’t quite work how you think it should do…

Monument Valley’s world is full of optical illusions. This is when things on screen don’t appear as you think they should do. There’s lots of famous artwork that use opticcal illusions such as Relativity, and lots of Monument Valley’s levels are like that art. In the game you play Princess Ida as she explores her impossible world. It’s a world that can be controlled; just touch and drag on the touchscreen to open up new areas for Ida to explore. Each drag makes the world look different and reveals new paths you didn’t notice before. And the more you explore, the more interesting the world becomes.

There’s lots to see in Monument Valley. There’s the main game that you get when you buy the app, and then there’s the new set of eight chapters that you can buy with an in-app purchase. If you love the main game, the new Forgotten Shores chapters give you even more amazing areas to explore.

Monument Valley is £2.49 from the App Store, and Fogotten Shores costs £1.49. If you think the game may be too relaxed for you, find something more your thing at our Best Apps channel.


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