iOS App of the Day: Megapolis

iOS App of the Day: Megapolis

Put your hard-hat on, it’s time to take charge and build your own city! Megapolis is a great city-building app that lets you grow a city from just one lonely building to a huge, buzzing metropolis!

Megapolis 02

Bring together airports, railway stations, and seaports to bring people and trade to your city, then build it up with the money you make. Oil and gas will keep your city fueled, or invest in wind and solar farms for cheaper, renewable power! With your city coming together you can trade with your neighbouring towns for even more profits, and help keep the people happy with amazing buildings in modern or ancient styles. There’s 700 different types of building to create, so you’re city will be full of variety.

Megapolis 03

To get your city started, just download the Megapolis app from the App Store. If building cities isn’t your thing, just take a look at our other Best Apps for a game that suits you.


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