iOS App of the Day: Mechanic Mike Monster Truck Mania

iOS App of the Day: Mechanic Mike Monster Truck Mania

It’s time to pull on some gloves and strap on your welding goggles; we’ve got work to do! There’s loads of Monster Trucks in need of repair, and only you can help Mechanic Mike get them ready in time for the big day!

Mechanic Mike is a game about fixing monster trucks. They start as scrap heaps, but with the right tools, skills, and a lick of paint, you can turn them from rust buckets into the star of the show! There’s lots to do, from fixing engines and making sure the wiring is all right, to designing your own colour scheme for the car and making it look absolutely amazing.

Mechanic Mike

With the truck fixed and ready to go, you can race it around the track and crush smaller cars under your huge tires! Make sure your truck is full of petrol and the tires inflated before you go, though!

Mechanic Mike 02

For all the fun of the garage, just grab Mechanic Mike Monster Truck Mania for free from the App Store. Not into cars? No worries, we’ve got something that’ll suit you just fine over at our Best Apps channel.


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