iOS App of the Day: Heli Hell

iOS App of the Day: Heli Hell

Madness awaits you in Heli Hell, a fast, action-packed shooter set on a tropical island. You need to help your helicopter make it through the waves of soldiers and vehicles, defeat the bosses, and eliminate the enemy for good!

Heli Hell

If you’ve played a ‘bullet hell’ style game, you’ll know exactly how to play Heli Hell. You’ll have to dodge the incoming bullets so your helicopter doesn’t get damaged, and shoot when you get the chance to destroy the other enemies. Things get crazy against the end-of-level bosses, who are really heavy and tough and can take a lot of damage. Luckily you can upgrade your weapons with 16 different options to blast them out of the sky.

To unleash fury on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, just download Heli Hell from the App Store. Not sure you can take the heat? Try something else from our Best Apps selection.


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