iOS App of the Day: Happy Chef 2

iOS App of the Day: Happy Chef 2

One of the most useful skills you’ll ever learn is how to cook. Get a head start on those skills with this amazing game: Happy Chef 2. It’s all about cooking and keeping your restaurant going and your diners happy! Cook the best food you can in the shortest time possible and you’ll be a pro chef in no-time!

You start off working in Italy at a Pizza and Pasta restaurant, but you’ll soon be travelling the world to four other countries to master their cuisine. In Hawaii you’ll learn how to make exotic and fruity food, the best burgers in America, some complex oriental cuisine in China, and the most amazing and sophisticated dishes in France.

Happy Chef 01

Not only will you learn the best recipes, but you’ll learn how to manage your time as you race to get your food cooked before customers get angry!

Happy Chef 02

To download Happy Chef 2 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, just dash across to the App Store. And for more great app ideas, check out our Best Apps channel.


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