Invizimals The Alliance review

Invizimals The Alliance review

We think Invizimals The Alliance is the best game on PS Vita right now, and it seems like Family Gamer TV agree with us! Andy has been playing the game with his family for the last few days, and he thinks it’s great. Plus there’s the TV show and sticker card collection that links in with the game, meaning there’s far more fun than just on-screen.

Because you have to hunt for Invizimals in the real world,

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you can play the game in lots of places you wouldn’t normally think of. In the garden and on the walk to school are two brilliant places Andy played Invizimals, and it’s really cool to be able to play somewhere that isn’t just your living room or bedroom. Not only is it cool to play in these places, but they’re also awesome areas to see the Invizimals come to life. Who ever thought you’d see a saber-tooth tiger in the street?

For much more in Invizimals, check out our Invizimals guide, and watch Wesley get hands on with the game.

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