Hyrule Warriors revealed in amazing screenshots

Hyrule Warriors revealed in amazing screenshots

The Legend of Zelda is soon to become even more legendary with Hyrule Warriors, a different kind of Zelda game coming to Wii U. Instead of being an adventure, this is a full-on action game, with lots of enemies to defeat and a story of war instead of saving the princess. And since it’s on the Wii U, the graphics are amazing! Check out the first screenshots right here.

Hyrule Warriors 01 Hyrule Warriors 02 Hyrule Warriors 03 Hyrule Warriors 04 Hyrule Warriors 05 Hyrule Warriors 06

In the screenshots you can see Link getting ready for battle, in both a soldier’s uniform and his more recognisable green tunic. You can also grab your first look at Impa, a royal bodyguard who can create huge blue shock pulses to blast back enemies.

Hyrule Warriors 07 Hyrule Warriors 08 Hyrule Warriors 09 Hyrule Warriors 10 Hyrule Warriors 11

We don’t know anything else about Hyrule Warriors yet, but it does look very, very exciting. Expect to hear more at E3, the big convention in Los Angeles where all the biggest games are revealed, at the beginning of

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