Hyrule Warriors DLC adds Twili Midna to the fight

Hyrule Warriors DLC adds Twili Midna to the fight

At the end of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Link’s little friend Midna is revealed to be a beautiful princess called Twili Midna. You only get to see Midna’s true form at the very end of the game, and not for a very long time. The creators of Zelda feel that this just isn’t long enough, so they’ve decided to put Twili Midna in Hyrule Warriors as a fully playable character. She’s part of the Twilight Princess DLC for Hyrule Warriors.


Twilight Princess’ creator Eiji Aonuma shared a picture of Twili on MiiVerse. He said “When I was developing Twilight Princess, I thought it was such a waste to let a beautiful princess like her only appear in the ending. Now Koei Tecmo Games has made my wish to see more of her come true.”

Twili Midna uses the Mirror of Twilight as her weapon, and it’s incredibly powerful. It looks like Twili Midna will be one of the most fun characters to play in Hyrule Warriors!

The Hyrule Warriors Twilight Princess Pack release date is November 27th. To find out everything you could want to know about the game, check out our Hyrule Warriors stories.


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