Guardians of the Galaxy toys spotted

Guardians of the Galaxy toys spotted

We’ve not seen much from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – there’s not even a trailer yet! – but we can get our first detailed look at the characters, thanks to these pictures of the Guardians of the Galaxy action figures.

GotG toys 02

On show are Peter Quill – AKA Star Lord – who is the leader of this team of heroes. With him is the green and deadly Gamora, the tattooed and muscular Drax the Destroyer, the short and furry Rocket Raccoon, and living tree-man Groot. The models look really detailed with lots of moving parts, so we’re sure we’ll be able to recreate the best action scenes from the film with these figures.

The Guardians of the Galaxy actions figures will be released by Hasbro in July, just before the release of the film on August 1st. Which one will you be getting first?


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