What is going on in this Pokémon music video?

What is going on in this Pokémon music video?

Sometimes things from Japan get a little crazy. This is really one of those times. Watch this weird Pokémon music video, featuring lots of Slowpokes and a song with Japanese words and reggae-like music. Have you any idea what on earth is going on?

And then if that wasn’t mad enough, there’s also a mad Slowpoke fishing game which you can play right now. The words are all in Japanese, but if you click on Slowpoke he’ll drop his tail in the water, and when he starts to shake you can pull the tail out and catch a fish! But what does all this mean?

The Pokémon Company have said that they have a big announcement to make this Tuesday, August 26th. Could these strange things have anything to do with that? We don’t know yet, but come back to our great Pokémon channel on Tuesday and we’ll have that news ready and waiting for you!

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