The five best LEGO games

The five best LEGO games

We always knew LEGO would be great in games, but we never knew just how good LEGO games could be until Traveller’s Tales started to make them. Full of hilarious moments, challenging puzzles and all our favourite characters, the LEGO games are the highlights of every year’s gaming calendar. We’ve had a deep think about what we think are the five very best LEGO games, and this is what we decided.

#5: LEGO Rock Band

One of the coolest things you could do in your life is make a band. But why just make a band with real people when you could put together LEGO men and make a band with them? That’s what LEGO Rock Band does, and combined with an amazing track list, you’ve got one of the most fun party games ever. There’s not many things more amazing than performing in front of a LEGO crowd, and making your band of MiniFigs

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Not only is it a great LEGO game, but it’s also one of the best Rock Band games. The tranks include amazing songs by bands like Blur, Razorlight and Kaiser Chiefs, which are great to rock out to with your mates. Even though it’s one of the older LEGO games, we think it’s still one of the best you can play.

#4: LEGO Harry Potter

LEGO Harry Potter really cast a spell on us. From the moment you walk into Hogwart’s LEGO brick corridors, there’s just so much mischief to get up to. There may be lessons to attend and spells to learn, but running through the halls of the castle finding secrets and collecting coins is just so much fun.

The really cool thing about LEGO Harry Potter though is that it is actually much better than any other Harry Potter games. The official film games never made the wizarding world as amazing as in the LEGO games. They never let you explore Hogsmeade, or go for a wander through the dungeons. The LEGO games are the closest we’ll ever get to going to Hogwarts for real. Since that’s our biggest wish in the world, LEGO Harry Potter rightfully wins a place on our Top 5 list. We couldn’t decide between Years 1-4 or 5-7 though, so we had to award fourth place to both of them!

#3: LEGO City Undercover

There’s few things more fun than playing cops and robbers, but Traveler’s Tales found one: playing cops and robbers with LEGO in a massive open city. Drive every car, run down every side street, perform daring roof-top jumps, all to solve the crime and put law-breakers behind bars. LEGO City Undercover is just pure fun. It is a Wii U exclusive which means not everyone has been able to play it, but if any game was worth buying a Wii U for, this would be it. It uses the GamePad as a scanner to find out where the criminals are hiding, and as a communicator so you can call up HQ and find out who’s on the Most Wanted list.

There’s no co-op multiplayer like in other LEGO games, which means we won’t give it first place. But because the open-world offers so many possibilities to drive, fly, and build, it’s got to be in our Top 5 LEGO games. We think it’s probably in yours, too.

#2: LEGO The Lord of the Rings

There’s lots of LEGO games based on films, but LEGO The Lord of the Rings is the one that really makes the most of those films. It uses the voices from the movies, so you can quote all your favourite lines whilst playing the game. But the best thing is how it makes some of the most serious stuff from the film really funny, like when orcs shoot carrots instead of arrows, or when one of the Fellowship starts pulling silly faces at the camera. It’s some of the most fun you’ll have in a LEGO game.

It might be funny, but LEGO The Lord of the Rings will also make any fan of the films smile with its attention to detail. You can explore every place from the film, like Hobbiton, Lothlorien, or Minas Tirith. Every place is remade in LEGO bricks perfectly; you could play the game on a TV next to another TV playing the DVD and the buildings would look exactly the same. Well, perhaps a bit squarer! So for being so detailed and exceptionally funny, we give LEGO The Lord of the Rings our ‘Second Best LEGO Game’ award!

#1: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is our favourite LEGO game, narrowly beating the other four to the grand prize. It was a close one, but Marvel Super Heroes does so much perfectly you can’t help but feel great every second you’re playing it. The open-world New York City is full of things to see and do, and you really feel like a superhero when you’re swinging through the streets as Spider-Man or blasting through the sky as Iron Man, on your way to stop Hydra or The Sinister Six.

The amount of super heroes and villains is great, and we love that Traveller’s Tales chose all the best characters from the pages of Marvel Comics. This is also one of the first times we’ve seen all these characters together on screen, since in the world of films Spider-Man, X-Men, and the Fantastic Four have always been in separate movies from The Avengers. Seeing them finally all together and working with each other is amazing. LEGO Marvel knows how to put us in a cape and make us a real superhero team, and that’s why it’s so brilliant.

That’s what we think are the five best LEGO games ever made, but do you agree? Perhaps you think we missed one off, or you think we got them in the wrong order. Let us know, send us a comment on Twitter! And for even more awesome LEGO stuff, check out our LEGO channel.


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