Fantasy Life coming to 3DS this September

Fantasy Life coming to 3DS this September

Fantasy Life is a 3DS exclusive game that Nintendo recently showed off, but as a Japan exclusive game. Well that’s not the case anymore, because Fantasy Life is coming to 3DS in europe this September.

Made by some of the people who worked on Final Fantasy, Fantasy Life is a cute RPG that is part Animal Crossing, part Zelda. You adventure through a colourful world with a character you create. When you make your character you can choose combat skills from 12 different options, which you then develop and level-up as the game goes on. There are plenty of bad guys to fight in the world, with lots of different kinds of villain to face like you’d expect from a Final Fantasy-style game.

Like in Animal Crossing, you have your own house to live in which you can decorate how you like.

The Fantasy Life release date is September 26th on 3DS.


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