Electrabuzz and Magmar on their way to Pokémon X & Y

Electrabuzz and Magmar on their way to Pokémon X & Y

If your Pokémon collection needs a new addition, you need to get yourself down to a Game store soon. From April 4th, you’ll be able to get a free code for your 3DS to download Electrabuzz and Magmar for Pokémon X or Y.


Electrabuzz and Magmar are coming to Pokemon X and Y in a special promotion at GAME

When you buy something from Game after April 4th, just ask them to put a Pokémon download code on your receipt. If you have Pokémon Y you’ll be able to download Electrabuzz, and if you have Pokémon X you’ll get Magmar. They’re both original Pokémon from the first 150 as seen in Red, Blue, and Yellow games.

You’ll need to claim your Pokémon before September 30th 2014, so don’t hang around!

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