Bowser Jr, Ganondorf, and other Smash Bros. characters revealed

Bowser Jr, Ganondorf, and other Smash Bros. characters revealed

Some screenshots of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS have turned up on the internet, and they seem to reveal some brand new characters that Nintendo have yet to announce! Among them are Zelda big bad Ganondorf, Dark Pit, and Bowser Jr!


The screenshot above shows the character select screen from the 3DS version, and you can see from the pictures that there are plenty of characters in there Nintendo haven’t formally announced yet. Shulk from Xenoblade, the dog from Duck Hunt, Eathbound’s Ness, and R.O.B. The picture looks a bit grainy, because these are ‘leaked’ pictures; photos put on the internet by people who are not Nintendo but already have the game. This could mean that these screenshots are fake, but we think they look real enough. Expect official announcements for these characters soon!

There are plenty more high-quality screenshots and trailers for Super Smash Bros. over at our Nintendo channel. Check ‘em out!


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