Awesome Transformers Age of Extinction toys

Awesome Transformers Age of Extinction toys

The fourth Transformers movie – Age of Extinction – is almost here, and will be one of the biggest films this summer. Of course you don’t want the action to end when the film does, so you’ll need some new action figures to keep the story going when you get home. So it’s great news that there are some amazing new Transformers toys on the way this year. Andy from Family Gamer TV got to check them out.

The best thing about these new toys is the amazingly quick transformations. On some you push a lever, like on Grimlock’s back, and they transform from robot to dinobot or vehicle straight away. Others are even faster, and you only need to swing the figure for it to transform into its other form. Amazing!

This year is not only the release of Age of Extinction though; it’s also the 30th anniversary of Transformers! With 30 years of history, there’s lots of amazing characters to think about, and that’s exactly what the designers of this year’s toys have done. There are some classics like Optimus Prime and Jetfire, looking just like they did in the cartoons back in the 1980s. Even cooler, there’s a brand new Transformer who has been designed by fans! Check her out in the video above.

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