Angry Birds Stella characters and toys revealed

Angry Birds Stella characters and toys revealed

Angry Birds Stella is the latest bird on the block in the Angry Birds series, but other than an announcement we didn’t really know what the game was. Until now, that is. Andy spoke to developer Rovio at New York Toy Fair and found out some details that help us piece together the puzzle. Watch these new videos to find out more.

First up, Andy took a look at the new Angry Birds Stella toys to find out who the new characters are. Stella, a big pink bird, is the main character in the game, but she’s backed up by a group of other fun characters. We know that three of these are Willow, Luca, and Poppy. It looks like the game will let us dress these characters up because some of them have some cool hats on, so there could be a hats system like in Skylanders.

Alongside the toy characters are some interesting looking play sets. There are now toy catapults to throw your characters across the room with, but now hitting pigs opens up doors to rooms in play sets. Inside the rooms are furniture, like thrones, for your Angry Birds to use. It looks like there will be more to do with the toys this time, making Angry Birds more than just an app game.

Whilst he was at the New York Toy Fair, Andy got to meet Naz Cuevas and Jami Laes, two of the most important people at Rovio, and speak to them about how Angry Birds has changed from the first games to the latest hits, and how toys had become a big part of them. He also

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quizzed them about what plans the company has for the future.

The Angry Birds Stella release date is August this year, and the toys will be available in shops at the same time.

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