Angry Birds: Star Wars 2 trailer hits YouTube

Angry Birds: Star Wars 2 trailer hits YouTube

Box Mash has felt a disturbance in the Force! It’s telling us that there will be a new Angry Birds Star Wars game out this year, and that you’ll be able to teleport characters into the game using figures, just like in Skylanders! We uncovered the full story and a trailer…

Angry Birds creator Rovio has put a trailer for Angry Birds Star Wars 2 on YouTube. It shows how you can use new TelePods to put Angry Birds toys into the game. You’ll also be able to play as the bad guys by turning to the ‘Pork side’ of the Force.

Angry Birds TelePod

Using a TelePod you can teleport your Angry Birds figures into the game

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 is released on 19th September for iOS on iPhone, iPod, and iPad. The figures and TelePods will be available in shops at the same time. Do you think being able to teleport your figures into the game sounds great? Let us all know on Twitter.


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