Angry Birds Go! gets competitive with online multiplayer

Angry Birds Go! gets competitive with online multiplayer

Wowsers, Angry Birds Go! has had a massive update that includes a very exciting new mode: online multiplayer! Wesley from Family Gamer TV has dived right into the new multiplayer to see just

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how it works, and see if he can score first place. Take a look in this video.

The multiplayer looks quick and easy to use, with a matchmaking service that puts you in a race with other players of your skill level. Other new additions include a Piggy Island drivers license to prove that you know how to race a kart, a new weekly tournament to take part in, and a brand new achievement for logging into the game every day for 30 days. There’s also new in-app purchases, but some are very, very expensive. The Arctic Roller kart – the best in the game – is 9000 gems, or £90! A little more than we have in our bank accounts!

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